Overall Rally Day Results


Cooper Cup

Rally  Day 2017

Suffolk Sheep Team 

Suffolk Sheep U26

Suffolk Sheep U18

Junior Sheep Shearing 


Handwriting U14


Design a New Sports Kit with Mood Board

Intermediate Sheep Shearing

Intermediate Floral Art

Handwriting U26

Generation Game U14


Senior Sheep Shearing 

Identification U26

Senior Floral Art U26

Junior Floral Art U16

Story & Props

Blindfolded Sheep Dog Trails

Hanging a Gate

Ladies Shearing 

Dressing Up

Go Get It


Mock Auction

Hand Shearing

Identification U18

Girls Turn up on the Day 

Generation Game U18

Wool Handling U26


Cookery - Welshcakes

Face Painting

Space Hopper Obstacle Course

Boys Turn up on the Day 

Wool Handling U18

Main Ring Display 

Pre - Rally Day 2017

Welsh Cobs Team

Welsh Cob U18

Welsh Cob U26

Limousin Cattle Team

Limousin Cattle U18

Limousin Cattle U26

Club Record Book

Club Minute Book

Club Report

Rally Poster 2017

Promotional Sign

Farm Place/Name Sign

Best YFC Selfie with a Caption

Winter Programme 2016-2017

Winter Results

Speaking Competitions - Friday 10th March 2017

Brainstrust 21 years of age or under                                                              Welsh Reading 14 years of age or under

English Public Speaking 16 years of age or under                                         Miss Vera Jones, MBE Bursary

Drama/Entertainment & One Plus - Other Awards 

Best Female Performance - Junior One Plus - Ellie Price, Llandefalle YFC

Best Male Performance - Junior One Plus - Tyler Morris, Llandefalle YFC

Best Male Performance - Senior One Plus - Jonathan Davies, Pontfaen YFC

Best Female Performance - Senior One Plus - Elin Davies, Troedrhiwdalar YFC

Best Actor 26 years & or under - Dan Fergusson, Trecastle YFC

Best Actor 18 years & or under - Josh Jones, Bwlch & Crickhowell YFC

Best Actress 26 years & or under - Lydia Powell, Erwood YFC

Best Actress 18 years & or under - Lucy Thomas, Troedrhiwdalar YFC

Best Set - Builth Wells YFC

Best Written - Trecastle YFC

Best Choreography - Erwood YFC

Overall Winners - Trecastle YFC



Junior One Plus

Junior One Plus

Senior One Plus

Senior One Plus

Junior Drama

Junior Drama

Speaking Competitions - Sunday 4th December

English Reading 14 years or under                                                         Member of the Year 18 years & over

Welsh Public Speaking 16 years or under                                              Member of the Year 17 years & under

After Dinner Speaking 26 years or under                                               Situations Vacant 16-21 years of age

Achievement Day

Club Display                                                                                                 Efficiency With Safety (Task 1)

Floral 26 year or under                                                                               Efficiency With Safety (Task 2)

Cookery 21 years or under                                                                         Efficiency With Safety (Task 3)

Craft 16 years or under                                                                               Efficiency With Safety (Task 4)

Decorate A Christmas Tree                                                                          Live Commentary

This Is Your Life                                                                                           Junior Nature Trail

Fence Erecting 26/21 years of age                                                            Cheerleading

Fence Erecting 21/18 years of age                                                            Solo Singing


First Aid


Hedging Match

26 years or under (unaided)

Pairs 26 & 18 years or under (unaided)

Pairs 26 & 18 years or under (aided)

Farmers Hedge Pairs 26 & 18 years or under (unaided)

Carcase Judging 

Lamb 26 Years

Beef 26 Years

Pork 26 Years

Overall 26 years

Lamb 18 years

Beef 18 Years

Pork 18 Years

Overall 18 Years

English Speaking 14 years or under 

English Speaking 14 years or under

Spelling Bee 2016

English & Welsh Spelling Bee

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle

Street Dancing 2016 

Street Dancing 

Cube Exhibit 2016

Cube Results

Eisteddfod 2016

Stage Competitions

Homework Competitions

Overall Eisteddfod

Lamb Trimming 2016

26 years of age or under

16 years of age or under

Stockjudging 2016-2017

Beef Under 26 years

Beef Under 21 years

Beef Under 18 years

Beef Under 16 years

Lamb Under 26 years

Lamb Under 21 years

Lamb Under 18 years

Lamb Under 16 years

Pigs Under 26 years

Pigs Under 21 years

Pigs Under 18 years

Pigs Under 16 years

Have-a-Go 2016


Rally 2016

A YFC Dinner Pack                                                                                    Lleyn Sheep Judging (Team)

ATV                                                                                                             Lleyn Sheep Judging (U26)

Bale Twine Platting                                                                                  Lleyn Sheep Judging (U18)

Blindfolded Sheep Dog Trials                                                                  Main Ring Display (It's A Knockout)

Boys Ready Steady Flower Arranging                                                    Pedal Tractor Obstacle Course

Club Minute Book                                                                                     Photography

Competition for Welsh Learners                                                             Promotional Sign

Club Report for Brecknock Beacon 2016                                               Rally 2016 Poster

Club Record Book                                                                                     Recreate An Advert From The Past

Cookery                                                                                                     Shearing (Junior)

Decorate Cup Cakes                                                                                 Shearing (Intermediate)

Dressing Up                                                                                               Shearing (Senior)

Face Painting                                                                                             Shearing (Ladies)

Farm or Place Name Sign                                                                         Shearing (Hand)

Fashion                                                                                                       The Retro Generation Game

Fferm Factor                                                                                              Top Of The Pops

Floral Art 16 years or under                                                                     Tug-of-War (Junior)

Floral Art 21 years or under                                                                     Tug-of-War (Boys)

Floral Art 26 years or under                                                                     Tug-of-War (Girls)

Girl To Wire A Plug                                                                                    Upcycle A Household Item

Hair & Nail Art                                                                                            Welsh Pig Judging (Team)

Handwriting 26 years or under                                                                 Welsh Pig Judging (U26)

Handwriting 14 years or under                                                                 Welsh Pig Judging (U18)

Hanging A Gate                                                                                           Woodwork

Identification - Pop Master                                                                        Wool Handling (U18)

Jersey Cattle Judging (Team)                                                                    Wool Handling (U26)

Jersey Cattle Judging (U26)                                                                      Fedw Trecastle Cup (Overall Stockjudging)

Jersey Cattle Judging (U18)                                                                      Cooper Cup (18 yrs of age or under)

                                                                                                                      Duhonw Lodge Shield (3 clubs least membership)

                                                                                                                      Overall Score Sheet

Winter Competitions 2015-2016

Winter Competitions 2015-2016

Speaking Competitions - Friday 11th March 2016

Brainstrust 21 years or under                                                                     English Public Speaking 14 years or under

Welsh Public Speaking 16 years or under                                                   Miss Vera Jones, MBE Bursary

Hedging Match & First Aid Competition - Saturday 27th February 2016

Hedging - 26 years or under (Unaided)                                               Hedging - Farmers Hedge 26 & 18 years or under (Unaided)

Hedging  - Pairs 26 & 18 years or under (Aided)                               First Aid Competition

Hedging - Pairs 26 & 18 years or under (Unaided)

Drama Festival - 8th-13th February 2016

Junior One Plus, 16 years or under

Senior One Plus, 26 years or under

Junior Audience With ... 18 years or under

Senior Drama, 26 years or under

FUW Trophy 2015-2016 (Stockjudging, Animal Health & Carcase Judging 26 & 21 years or under)

Caleb Roberts Trophy 2015-2016 (Stockjudging, Animal Health & Carcase Judging 18 & 16 years or under)

Carcase Judging - Monday 25th January 2016

Lamb Carcase Judging 18 years & under                                        Lamb Carcase Judging 26 years & under

Pork Carcase Judging 18 years & under                                         Pork Carcase Judging 26 years & under

Beef Carcase Judging 18 years & under                                         Beef Carcase Judging 26 years & under

Overall Carcase Judging 18 years & under                                      Overall Carcase Judging 26 years & under


Speaking Day - Sunday 6th December 2015

English Reading 14 years or under                                          Welsh Reading 14 years or under

English Public Speaking 16 years or under                                Situations Vacant 16-21 years of age

Just A Minute 21 years or under                                             Member of the Year 17 years & under

Debating 26 years or under                                                    Member of the Year 18 years & over

Achievement Day 2015

Club Display                                                                              Fence Erecting 21 & 18 years or under

Cookery 26 years or under                                                         Cake Decorating

Craft 21 years or under                                                              Dancing

Floral 16 years or under                                                              Top Of The Pops                                       

Decorate A Christmas Wreath                                                      Weathervane

Radio Show Live                                                                        Mock Auction

ATV                                                                                        Fferm Factor

Fence Erecting 26 & 21 years of age or under                               Overall

Time to Shine 2015 

Time to Shine

Ballroom Dancing 2015

Ballroom Dancing 

Eisteddfod 2015

Overall Results

Lamb Trimming 2015

Senior Lamb Trimming

Junior Lamb Trimming

Stockjudging 2015

U16 Lamb

U18 Lamb

U21 Lamb

U26 Lamb

U16 Beef

U18 Beef

U21 Beef

U26 Beef

U16 Dairy

U18 Dairy

U21 Dairy

U26 Dairy

U16 Pigs

U18 Pigs

U21 Pigs

U26 Pigs

Overall U16

Overall U18

Overall U21

Overall U26

Have-a-Go 2015



ATV                                                                                            Main Ring Display

Beltex Sheep Judging (Team)                                                     Mountain Bike Time Trial

Beltex Sheep Judging (26 years or under)                                  Pedal Tractor Obstacle Course

Beltex Sheep Judging (18 years or under)                                  Photography

Boy To Make Up A Bed                                                                Pirates Challenge

Cabaret                                                                                      Pirates Obstacle Course

Charolais Cattle Judging (Team)                                                 Power Point Presentation

Charolais Cattle Judging (26 years or under)                              Promotional Sign

Charolais Cattle Judging (18 years or under)                              Rally 2015 Poster

Club Minute Book                                                                       Section A Pony Judging (Team)

Club Record Book                                                                       Section A Pony Judging (26 yrs or under)

Club Report for Brecknock Beacon 2015                                     Section A Pony Judging (18 yrs or under)

Cookery                                                                                      Senior Agri Challenge

Dancing                                                                                      Senior Sheep Shearing

Design & Create A Pirates Flag                                                    Table Making

Dressing Up                                                                                To Set A Gate Correctly & Level

Face Painting                                                                              Treasure Hunt

Farm/Place Name Sign                                                                 Tug-of-War (Girls)

Feel Factor                                                                                  Tug-of-War (Boys)

Floral Art, 26 years or under                                                       Tug-of-War (Mixed)

Floral Art, 21 years or under                                                       Woodwork

Floral Art, 16 years or under                                                       Wool Handling

Girl To Make A Bird Box                                                               Overall Stockjudging

Great Brecknock British Bake Off Challenge                                 Cooper Cup 18 years or under

Hand Shearing                                                                            Duhonw Lodge Shield

Handwriting 14 years of age or under                                         Overall

Handwriting 26 years of age or under

Identification 16 years of age or under

Identification of Soil

Intermediate Sheep Shearing

Junior Sheep Shearing

Ladies Sheep Shearing



Winter Results - Overall 2014-2015

Public Speaking 2

English Public Speakng 16 years or under                Brainstrust 21 years or under

Welsh Reading 14 years or under                           Call My Bluff 26/21 years or under

Pantomime/ Junior Drama/ One Plus Competition

Junior Drama                                                    Senior One Plus

Junior One Plus                                                   Pantomime

Public Speaking 1

English Reading Under 14                                     Junior Member of the Year

Welsh Public Speaking                                         Senior Member of the Year

Situations Vacant                                                After dinner Speaking

Lamb Trimming

Junior                                                              Senior

Achievement Day

Garden Sculpture                                        Craft                                                   Overall

Painted Canvas                                           This is your life

Floral Art                                                    Fferm factor

Junior Fencing                                            Club Display

Senior Fencing                                            Decorate a Christmas Tree

Cookery                                                     Mock Auction


Senior                                                                           Junior

Carcase Judging 2014

Under 26                                                                    Under 18

Beef                                                                             Beef

Lamb                                                                           Lamb

Pork                                                                             Pork

Overall                                                                         Overall

Eisteddfod 2014

Overall Results Sheet

Stockman Day 2014

Under 16

Pig Judging          Lamb Judging          Beef Judging        Dairy Judging          Animal Health Questionnaire

2014 Stockman of the Year Under 16 

Under 18

Pig Judging             Lamb Judging        Dairy Judging      Beef Judging           Animal Health Questionnaire

2014 Stockman of the Year Under 18

 Under 21

Pig Judging         Lamb Judging           Dairy Judging        Beef Judging       Animal Health Questionnaire

 2014 Stockman of the Year Under 21

Under 26

Pig Judging         Lamb Judging         Dairy Judging         Beef Judging         Animal Health Questionnaire

2014 Stockman of the Year Under 26

Have a go 2014

Have a go Results

Rally 2014

Holstein Judging                                                                                Floral Art 16 years of age or under

Welsh Pig Judging                                                                             Dancing

 Club Record Book                                                                             ATV

Club Minute Book                                                                              Junior Agri Challenge

Club Report for Brecknock Beacon                                                       Ladies Sheep Shearing

Rally Poster                                                                                      Dressing Up

Farm/Place Name Sign                                                                       Senior Taste Bud Challenge

Promotional Sign                                                                               Poultry Jointing

Table Making                                                                                    Setting Decks in a Stock Box

To Design & Create a New Superhero                                                  The Voice (individual)

 Journey of Tweed                                                                            Great Brecknock British Bake Off Challenge

Charolais Sheep Judging                                                                     Hand Shearing

Handicraft - Sewing                                                                           Wheel Barrow Obstacle Course

Cookery                                                                                           Mountain Bike Time Trial

Handwriting - Under 14                                                                      Heroes Challenge

Woodwork                                                                                       The Voice (team)

Junior Sheep Shearing                                                                       Wool Rolling

Intermediate Sheep Shearing                                                             Story & Sound

Floral Art 21 years of age or under                                                      Face Painting

Handwriting - 26 years of age and under                                             Pedal Tractor Obstacle Course

Senior Sheep Shearing                                                                      Main Ring Display

Identification 16 Years of age of under

Floral Art 26 years of age or under



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