Mark & John causing Chaos in Clubs!!!

Mark Powell County Chair and John Price Vice County Chair are on a mission to visit as many clubs as they can this year and get the FUN back into YFC.  Attending your local club on a weekly basis is a really important part of YFC.  Competing is not for everyone and if you do not enjoy that side of the organisation then that is absolutely fine.  But attending your local club is important, that is where you will meet people, learn skills, experience new things and have FUN.

Mark and John will be making contact with various clubs over the next 12 months to offer you a FUN night of games and enjoyment.  Giving you the members the opportunity to meet them, ask any questions you have regarding County and form a link between the clubs and the County.  Without strong and vibrant clubs we will not have a County.  So make every effort to attend your local club and spread the word encouraging as many as possible to join this fanstastic organisation. 

Brecknock YFC