You Broaden your Horizons with YFC

Several members of Brecknock YFC have broaden their horizons and taken up the opportunity to travel with Young Farmers over the past 12 months.  Members have applied to both the Wales YFC and National Federations overseas travel programme to experience a taste of life overseas.  Both organisations offer members within Wales the opportunity to travel within the UK, Europe and further afield. 

All the overseas opportunities can be found on the Wales YFC and National websites.  Once you know where you would like to travel to, complete an application form by the given date and submit the form.  Both organization then have an overseas selection day where all applicants will be invited to attend an interview.  Generally, no one is disappointed and gets a chance of a trip.  For more information contact Wales YFC; 01874 553 502 or National YFC; 02476 857 218

Brecknock YFC